What if we are doing the best that we can Tash McGill

What if we are doing the best that we can – Tash McGill

What if this is not the worst-case scenario? What if it is the best-case scenario? How
would your view of your current circumstances change?

What if every person you encounter is simply doing the best they can with what they
have? What if every person who misunderstands you and causes you hurt or
frustration is trying as hard as they possibly can to do their best to understand you
and meet what you need of them?

We tend to view the world through a filter colored by our emotions, judgments and
experiences – we’re self-centered that way. Continue reading

Woo Woo + La La Land = Spiritual Abdication

Woo Woo + La La Land = Spiritual Abdication

Do you like some ‘Woo woo’ in your life? ‘Woo woo’ refers to something that is ‘dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific’. Miriam Webster

What about a side dish of  ‘La La Land’? Now I’m not referring to the movie, more so a ‘euphoric dreamlike mental state detached from the harsher realities of life’. Miriam Webster

I have been involved in churches where there was a lot of  ‘Woo Woo’ and ‘La La’.

A ‘Woo woo’ and ‘La La Land’ culture empowers a spiritual abdication.

Spiritual Abdication??

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What is the Bible? How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way you Think and Feel about Everything by Rob Bell.

What is the Bible? Book Review by Cheryl Chastain

What is the Bible? How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way you Think and Feel about Everything by Rob Bell. Book review by Cheryl Chastain

I love books with a question as the title. In fact, I prefer the question books over the answer books every time. The question books are open and brave and expansive, and that certainly describes Rob Bell’s new book.

The Question as the Way

Bell urges us from the beginning to read the Bible by asking a lot of questions. By asking questions, Continue reading

The 100% Perfect Gift for an Approval Junkie

The 100% Perfect Gift for an Approval Junkie

She was so hungry for approval that some people called her a Klingon.

She would cling on to your every word and do just about anything for you. She wanted to know that she had worth, value and that she was good.

Then there was this guy who read the Bible wanting desperately to make sure he was in the right with God. He wanted to know that he mattered, that others liked him. That he had an approval tick from God.

They both believed that if they were “good,” then they would be loved, get their needs met, and live a problem-free life. That God and others would smile on them, treat them well, and everything in life would go well.

Underneath this facade of supposed ‘goodness’ was a lot of anxiety. Continue reading

How do you Know whether You're Mentally I'll or Not?

How do you Know Whether You’re Mentally Ill or Not?

You don’t know what you don’t know, and if you’re mentally unwell, this unawareness can be huge.

Well, that is kind of obvious, but actually, there are times when you look back over your life and wish that you knew then what you know now. Now I’m not talking about simply making some wrong decisions and regretting them later. It’s more about uninformed ignorance.

I remember when I first started taking some anti-depressants. It wasn’t a miraculous cure but over the weeks that followed it was like a misty cloud being lifted off my thinking and thought processes. It was like the world just appeared more colourful. I wished I had been advised to go to my G.P. earlier.

You see what had happened was that I had become accustomed to how I viewed the world. Continue reading

When Anxiety is a Speedy Stream - Lisa DeLay

When Anxiety is a Speedy Stream – Lisa DeLay

If I were to describe my anxiety, as a doctor might, it might go something like this:

“An over active nervous condition when the brain predicts and over predicts and
attempts to problem- solve with or without the victim’s consent and many times
without concern of her best interests.”

Anxiety–it can race over and through me like a speedy stream.

(This is a guest post from Lisa DeLay – enjoy)

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6 Steps to Take the Power out of an Unbearable Feeling

6 Steps to Take the Power out of an Unbearable Feeling

I’ve been allergic to egg all my life. At times I have even ended up in a hospital when I have inadvertently eaten egg.

One time as a child I went to a camp and the cooks thought that I was just being fussy. They didn’t tell that what I was having for lunch contained egg. I reacted in one way, my mother reacted in another way! #sparksdidfly

At that moment of watching all my friends doing what was completely normal, I felt completely alone. Like I was different, real different.

The egg allergy is a relatively easy problem to manage. What is truly difficult is the character bruise and wound that has been left on the soul.

What character bruises have you incurred? Continue reading

Just Don’t Touch That Button – Your Unbearable Feeling

You have an Unbearable Feeling, let’s gets some help and find out what it is.

I was in one of those novelty gift stores the other day and there it was. A button that needed to be pushed. It was a big red rubber button that when pushed it said “NO” in the voice of Homer Simpson. I had to push it. Just had too.

We all have buttons that when they are pushed they get a reaction. Continue reading


5 Keys to Help Grow a Persons Confidence

Confidence grows slowly and steadily when we are empowered by people walking alongside us.

I could see the hope and confidence slowly fading and being sucked away in this young guys face. He was going to return to live with mummy.

He was doing so well with the support our team was giving him. We were empowering him to reach out and try new things including managing his own money. When he opened his own bank account, well it was just too much for his elderly mother. She believed he was incapable of managing money and so she withdrew him from our support.

She had decided that she knew best. It shut him down, put him in a box, and I still wonder to this day what happened when she was put in a box. Continue reading


Racing Thoughts can be Reined in. Here’s how

It was off to the races and my thoughts and feelings were galloping around in my head.

Out in front was ‘This and that’ followed closely behind by ‘Panic’ and ‘Fear’. Neck and neck were ‘Hopelessness’ and ‘Despair’ while ‘Stuck in the Mud’ was definitely stuck in the mud and sinking.

Do your thoughts race? Continue reading