Hi, I’m Barry Pearman

I’m a Creator

I love to create a lot of different things. Version 53.0 finds me having a small gardening business called Gumboot Gardening where I create gardens that are places of beauty, rest and provision. You can check this out on my Facebook Page.

I also help people with Social Media and Website support. I build websites and help people with Social Media advice and support. I run some courses about how to use Social Media for business, not-for- profits and Churches.

My deep passion though is to help people with Mental Illnesses find recovery and hope through Spiritual Formation.

I actually struggle with Depression myself.

In former years I have had roles as a Mental Health Support Worker and then as a Community Chaplain pastoring people with Major Mental Illnesses.

As a Community Chaplain, I with a great bunch of volunteers, developed a Church service and community for people with diverse Mental Health struggles such as Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, Bi-Polar, Addictions, Personality Disorders.

We named it ‘The Living Room’ and it was a place where ‘Everybody was somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord’. People were empowered to take up roles such as preaching and leading.

Lives were changed and a community was formed where, according to the then Senior Pastor that if Jesus was to attend a service he would come to the ‘Living Room’.

Lots of challenges and lessons learned that I want to share here on Turning the Page.

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Perhaps I can help you?

Mental Health, Social Media, Websites and Gardening. Take your pick!

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