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What to Do With Shame Slingers

I love watching those ‘Mission Impossible’ shows. 

The script takes you to places where you wonder how this ‘Mission Impossible’ will be resolved because if it isn’t then the whole city is going to be destroyed in a nuclear explosion.

I have met people who live in the shadow of a ‘Mission Impossible’. In fact they have given up on life being any different. The obstacles seem too big and difficult and daunting and … impossible. 

People who have lived under this shadow have been there so long that this is all they know. Continue reading

Community = Common Unity = Mental Health Recovery

Every Tuesday night in our church service John would stand up and like a little mouse he would come to the front and ask permission to share a passage he had memorised.

The Living Room church service was set up to be an alternative to the mainstream services held on Sunday. It was geared to be highly inclusive and supportive to people struggling with disabilities, in particular those with Mental Illnesses. Continue reading

When You’re Rebuilding There is Always More Underneath

On first appearances everything looked great until you went underneath. The old house had that lovely country cottage feel about it but as time went on discoveries were made of rotting walls, leaking pipes and drains not working properly.

There was always going to more underneath than what was first realized.
We can be like this too. Putting out our best appearances, looking good, but knowing that you like everyone else is fighting a hard battle. Continue reading

5 Responses When You Meet Opposition to Your Mental Health Rebuild

Why would a mother oppose the recovery and rebuilding of her son?

I remember a young man in his early twenties. His mother, aged in her sixties, managed his finances for him. When I tried to support his desire to set up his own bank account and to learn about personal finance he and I met stiff opposition from the mother.

She feared losing control and I think that feeling of being his mother and taking care of him. Eventually she withdrew him from the agency I was working for and he went home to live with mummy. I often wonder what happened to him as she became more frail with age.

Empowerment of the individual often leads to challenges in the hearts of those around. Continue reading

You Need Reinforcing Mesh For Your Mental Health Rebuild

I recently watched some guys putting down a concrete path.

Just before they laid the concrete down, a mesh of steel reinforcing was placed into the trench. The concrete was then poured around this mesh until hidden away.

Now I have seen concrete work done where there was no reinforcing mesh. With a little time and some pressure the concrete just cracked open like a biscuit.  Continue reading

Rebuilders Journey in the Presence of a Greater Plan

I thought I could handle this one myself. That I didn’t need help from others.

A ‘pioneering, do-it-yourself’ attitude had worked its way into the rebuilding of my life.

I thought to myself ‘I don’t need others to know what is going on, I can handle it all, it will work out ok.’

Yet, whatever is churning over and over on the inside will in time make its way to the outside. Continue reading

Right Person, Right Place, Right Time and That Time is Now

This was never going to be a typical funeral.

This was the celebration of a life well lived by a mother to 11 children. A strong farmers wife who not only milked the cows, preserved the fruit but also cared with deep love for each of her children.

One of the children spoke of getting up in the middle of the night and walking past her mother’s bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, her mother was seen Continue reading

Three Rebuilding Principles

I didn’t want to go there. Not to that place, not to meet with that physician of the soul … yet again.

Yet there was something within me that needed the both painful and grace filled presence of a friend.

Rebuilding, restoration, renovation, recovery all require an honesty about the rot in our lives. The stuff we would rather push to the back and leave untouched.  Continue reading

5 Suggestions for When a Burden Lands on Your Soul

Sometimes the knife of life drives right to the core of your being. It wrenches around till your bleeding in grief.

Your speechless in shock, numb in movement and it feels like the very essence of life has been sucked out of you. You mourn because there is no other worthy response. Continue reading