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The other night my wife and I went to a night market. 

While eating our meals we were being entertained by a busker. He was hammering out some great tunes on his guitar.

He was really getting into it.

Dancing, fingers flying, hair streaming, there was action, passion and entertainment.

We were having a great time and so were others. At the end of a tune there would be  applause, more so by some who seemed to appreciate not just the performance given but also the hours and hours of practice, sore fingers and broken guitar strings.

Dessert time and I went for a triple scoop ice cream with cream on top, gloriously bad!

The change went to the busker. He smiled and continued to harden the calluses on his finger tips.

Artists, love them.

As a kid I always thought I would like to be an artist and so here I am. Writing, tweeting, overlaying images with text. Its all creative fun.

My reader numbers are growing and it just feels so good to know that my material is truly helping people out there.

The vision of this creative endeavour is to ‘Inspire Mental Health’ and its happening.

I would love to do more.

I am thinking of more eBooks, perhaps a podcast and some courses.

There is however a resistance in me.

I was reading this the other day from Steven Pressfield.

Resistance never appears except when preceded by a Dream. By “dream” I mean a creative vision of something original and worthy that you or I might do or produce—a movie, a painting, a new business, a charitable venture, an act of personal or political integrity and generosity.

The dream arises in our psyche (even if we deny it, even if we fail to or refuse to recognize it) like a tree ascending into the sunshine. Simultaneously the dream’s shadow appears—i.e., Resistance—just as a physical tree casts a physical shadow.

That’s a law of nature.

Where there is a Dream, there is Resistance.

Thus: where we encounter Resistance, somewhere nearby is a Dream.

Steven Pressfield

Help me grow the dream

As I reflected on our friendly busker I realized that for him to provide such entertainment there were expenses such as guitar strings, picks, capo’s etc.

If I want to grow my dream I need some coin.


Here is how you can help me grow our dream 


1. Pay What You Want you want to Help (2)

I will be producing ongoing resources such as e-Books. Using the online store, Gumroad, you can pay what you want to purchase them.

So here is what I have on offer at the moment.

2. Donate

You may want to financially support Turning the Page.

Here is my Paypal account



or if you prefer my online Bank Account. 02-1244-0108530-000

(Sorry I am not registered as a charity so you will not be able to claim tax deductions from me.)

3. Amazon wish list.

I love to read so I am sharing with you my Amazon Wishlist. Check it out and perhaps buy me a book. I prefer Kindle books but happy to have the paper version.


Give what you like and thanks for being part of the Turning the Page Community.



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