5 Steps to Unwind the Over Wound Spring in You

Are you feeling wound up this week? 

Christmas time, and go to any shopping centre and you will find that stillness and quiet, peace and calm, seem very distant from a silent night in the hill country surrounding Bethlehem.

Instead of looking to the wonder of stars in the night sky, we look to the latest star to release their Christmas album.

Are you getting a little wound up this Christmas?

The tension spring tight as tight?

I remember as a child being given for Christmas many toy cars that had an internal spring. A little winder would poke out from the side, and you would wind and wind and wind until it was tight.

Placing the car on the floor the spring would be released and the car would fly off uncontrollably. Smashing into walls and scaring the cat!

Then you would wind it up again and release it. You could hear the spring drive the cogs, until it would lie exhausted just waiting to wound up again and again.

After a few too many times of being overwound the internal spring mechanism would be ripped off its mountings.

I know people who are like overwound springs.

Tension and energy explode out of themselves just like an overwound toy. Eventually they become exhausted, and generally those around them are exhausted too!

What winds up your internal spring?

Who or what is ‘shoulding’ on you? You ‘should’ do this or that!


Here are 5 steps you may like to take.

1.    Take some time to STOP!

2.    Be quiet and still.

3.    Breathe deeply and gently. Allow the anxious internal spring to gently unwind itself.

4.    Make a ‘Can’ plan. Do you only what you can do and leave the miracles up to God. Do only what you ‘can do’, not ‘should do’, ‘must do’, ‘hope to do’. Turn your ‘Should’s’ into ‘Could’s’. Do only what you can only do, and learn to delegate.

5.     Repeat often!

May you have a quiet release to your week.

Desiring anything or anyone more than God robs us of our stillness and makes us present only to our cravings and the illusions they spin. David Benner

Questions to Consider and leave a comment

  • What causes your spring to get overwound?
  • Who or what is ‘Shoulding’ on you?

Barry Pearman

Image by Hannah Headley Creative Commons Flickr

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