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I’m not complex and I’m not that hard to understand. In fact I don’t know why people just don’t get me.

I think I am quite straight forward.

Actually, in all reality I’m not. I am complex, I have thoughts and feelings that come from somewhere that I have no real understanding of. I try and make my life simple, easy and under control, yet from nowhere my mind dances off to some other thought.

Some times I do things that to most people are quite irrational and make no sense at all. At other times I can be too rational and logic boxes my life.

Why can’t life be simple and straight forward?

I suppose a myriad of shaping influences have stormed across my soul and have shaped the thinking patterns and conclusions I have reached about life. Like a tree bent over by a prevailing wind, my personality and character have a ‘bonsai’ crafted appearance to them.

The writer of Proverbs uses a deep well as a metaphor to describe what our thinking is like.

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out. Proverbs 20:5

An image that was very familiar to the people of the day was one of daily going to the village well to draw water.

A shallow well was of course much easier to access the water, but a deep well requires more effort, time, skill, patience and of course a longer rope.

The purposes of a person’s heart is likened to those deep waters.

Want to find out what is truly going on in a person’s heart? Where their thought’s are going and why?

They may not know themselves. Many of our motives lay hidden even from ourselves.

The well is long and deep.

It’s dark at the bottom, unseen and unknown. It may contain spiders!

It’s a drawing out of the water. It’s having some one with you providing good Soul Care where there is no demand to know the answer here and now.

There is gentle questioning. A desire to know, explore, discover and touch.

The first requirement is to have a vision of the person beyond the mess of current situation to being in a place where they know God in a deeper ‘well’ transforming way. This compels you to keep asking gentle questions.

The second requirement is patience.

Water drawn from great depths takes time to come to the surface, to be exposed and enjoyed.

What makes a person safe?

The willingness to patiently keep drawing from the well. To keep asking questions that go deeper than a surface bounce back reflection.

How have people explored your heart? Using long ropes or short ones, never quite making it to the real water. 
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Barry PearmanImage: Motley Princess Creative Commons Flickr

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