can it be?

can it be?

have I for so long

forgotten to feed myself?

for nigh a year now

I was slowly starving.

getting lost in busy days,

tossing aside the hunger

that chewed away inside.

yet, I did not die.

by some quiet miracle

I made it to this moment

of truth:

I nearly starved to death.

it was not my body

that I failed to feed.

it was my spirit,

left alone for days

without nourishment or care.

and then one day

I paused to look within,

shocked at what I found:

so thin of faith,

so weak in understanding,

so needy of encouragement.

my starving spirit cried the truth:

I can!

I will!

I must

be fed!

– Joyce Rupp
Photo Credit: Nick-K (Nikos Koutoulas) via Compfight cc


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