Do you Fear being Discovered?

As a child I played ‘hide and seek’. 
As an adult my inner child can still play that game.
fear hiding hide log man

Favourite places to hide were under the bed, behind the couch, in a wardrobe. I could hear my pursuers counting down from 100, and of course missing half the numbers. Then off they would go turning over the furniture and looking behind curtains. Footsteps approach, floorboards creak while I lie quiet as a mouse. The cat moves away and my breathing returns.

Would they return, would they still continue to seek me out, will I be here forever, undiscovered.

A childhood game can lead into an adult lifestyle of discovery fear.

A garden, a fruit tree, a sign ‘Don’t eat’, a bite so small, a toxin so great.
An unknown pain in the belly, a shame, a tree to hide behind.

Snake, satisfied, slithers away.

A game commences, the gardener sings out with puzzlement ‘Where are you?
I appear from behind the tree, naked and fearing rejection.
He clothes me with love mingled with tears of grief.

Do you like being found less than adequate? Do you fear visibility?

Do you keep running and running and running just to keep away from the feelings and echoes of the past?

Jesus was in that garden and he is still in pursuit of the heart.

He is not afraid of your nakedness, he has seen it all before and experienced the shame and mocking himself. He knows the torment of an emotional abandonment storm.

He woos you to present yourself, to come out from hiding in your safe place.

He won’t hurt you, he will embrace you with gentleness and warmth.

Listen to this paraphrase of Matthew 11:28-30

Are any of you ready to admit how tired you are? I know you’re worn out by trying to live right with a husband who hardly ever makes you feel special. You know aren’t doing a very good job of it. And how about all those decisions you face that confuse you? Like whether to visit a sick dad who has failed you miserably.

Have you realised yet how worthless your religion is? Are you burned out on all those principles you’re supposed to follow, all those recovery techniques that are supposed to make you feel good about yourself and live more happily?

“What’s your red dot? Where are you? Come to Me exactly as you are.

Stop trying so hard to be good. Admit you’re not so good. Admit how disappointed you are in what you’ve experienced so far of Me. I know you wonder if I even care. Sometimes you’ve even hated me. Be who you are in My presence. No, its not a pretty sight. But I’ve found a way for me to look at you with excitement. And my Father is singing over you. You won’t hear the music till you come out from hiding.

Come, present yourself to Me.

I’ll walk with you as you present yourself to My Father.

It’ll be all right. Trust Me’
– Larry Crabb – Papa Prayer

We take a step.

We come out from hiding.

Shouts of gleeful anticipation joy ring out through the heavens.

I am discovered, explored, known, touched, and something is released in me.
Barry Pearman

Photo Credit: mark sebastian via Compfight cc

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