Why this image had a viral sneeze

This week I put this image out through my Social Media channels

 I have been increasing my use of images to get my message across. I like working with images, they can convey so many different ideas all at once.

One of my highlights this year was guest posting on Jeff Goins blog with an article titled ‘How to Wow Your Audience with the Right Image’

The image above had a viral internet sneeze and had 10 retweets, 7 twitter favourites, comments and plus’ on Google plus, and a bunch of likes on Facebook.

Putting aside the powerful attention grabbing picture, I think its the words that really resonated and connected with people.

We have all been there.

Taking on responsibility for some thing that was outside of our control. Worse still is when others blame us for something outside of our control.

‘It’s all your fault’ is an echoed burden too many of us carry.

Perhaps its time to revisit some of our stories. The places and times in our memory bank where our beliefs about life were formed.

  • It was never your fault that you were sexually abused as a child.
  • It was never your fault you were shamed by an over bearing bully.
  • It was never your fault that your parents marriage broke up.

Please, this new day, give yourself the beautiful gift of truth. Only take responsibility for that which is in your control. Other peoples problems are truly other peoples problems.

Questions to Consider and leave a comment

  1. Why do we take on others problems, making them our own?
  2. Shifting responsibility for one’s personal problems is text book avoidance. What is the end result however for the avoider when this is done?

Barry Pearman

Photo Credit: .kleine via Compfight cc

2 Replies to “Why this image had a viral sneeze”

  1. 1.Why do we take on others problems, making them our own?

    I’ve been thinking about this recently. I think for me it’s partly because somewhere along the line I’ve picked up the idea that that’s what Jesus did and we’re supposed to be like Jesus and so that means never saying “no” to a request from someone in need,always helping, feeling their pain as if it were my own… and continuing to feel that pain until they are whole… which is a killer if they aren’t ready/willing to change.
    I’ve come to realise how damaging this all is… but can’t so far break free from the guilt I feel if I take any time out at all, or if I refuse to rescue people. I need to find a new way of understanding the call of Jesus.

    2. Shifting responsibility for one’s personal problems is text book avoidance. What is the end result however for the avoider when this is done?

    they can blame someone else for their pain and escape their sense of guilt and inadequacy. They also avoid the pain which would be involved in becoming more whole.

    I am on the receiving end of this… was told a day or so ago that I keep the person going. I said “you’re not happy – wouldn’t you be happier if I weren’t around?” and was told “no – you keep me going”. I thought about this, then said “so you need me to keep me going so that I can keep you going?”… the reply came “yes”. I thought some more, then said “it’s no wonder I’m permanently exhausted then… I’m having to keep two people going.” The other person nodded. Didn’t seem to realise what had just passed between us.
    I can’t do this any more. But I’ve always assumed it’s what Jesus wants me to do… to bear the burdens of others, to the point of death if necessary. And it’s coming close to that…

    1. Hi Dorothy, there is quite a lot in here to think through.

      I don’t believe that Jesus ever expected us to take on burdens he alone could only bear.

      Jesus did say ‘No’ to potentially thousands of people, all for self care and rejuvenation of himself to spend time with Father. Frequently we find Jesus leaving the crowds and his followers for time out. He would have known all the needs yet he chose to not act.

      I also reflect on the story of Jesus and Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus was blind yet Jesus still asked him what he wanted Jesus to do. Surely it was obvious that the blindness was the need. Yet Jesus asked. Jesus offered him choices, he didnt rescue, he didnt assume. He put the responsibity back into Bartimaeus court.

      People so often have tried to get me to take responsibility for them. Yet really the best thing I can do is to empower them to make there own decisions and choices.

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