Fire and Wildfire

Fire and Wildfire

Bringing safety

You are the fire I seek, the fire I yearn for,
the fire I invite…

But sometimes the fire is wild…

You are the fire I avoid, the fire I dread,
the fire I run from….
Until trapped, I turn to discover

The fire that consumes anger with solace
The fire that consumes bitterness with sweetness
The fire that consumes injustice with peace
The fire that consumes resentment with love.

And standing before the bush that burns yet is not consumed
The holy ground
The sacred space
I cover my eyes,
I throw away my shoes,
And pray that the flame that never dies
Will make its home in me.

by Margaret Tooley
Margaret Tooley lives in Auckland New Zealand where she works as a spiritual director and church musician. She believes her most vital calling is to encourage others to discover and use their gifts for the glory of God.
Refresh – Journal of Contemplative Spirituality Volume 12, Number 1. Summer 2013. I

Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc

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