Let’s be honest. We all need help at times.

Barry Pearman

Life can take twists and turns that weren’t on the plan.

I want to help you, and your friends, with your Mental Health.

People don’t just want a pill to take,
a pat on the back and a ‘You’ll be fine’.

They want easy to understand advice and support. 

Over the years I have gleaned material that has helped many people in their recovery. 

I want to give to you.

In particular is my free eBook ‘Out of the Darkness’.

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Empower Yourself Here

Advice that is not technical and is easy to read.

Brief rundown 

  • Biblical characters and others with Depression
  • Myths about Depression
  • Causes of Depression
  • How to Capture your Thoughts
  • The Importance of your Behaviours
  • How to form Healthy Habits
  • What God wants to do in your Heart.
  • What Jesus taught on Stress
  • Lots of Practical Advice

eBook Details

  • 54 pages
  • 12000 words
  • FREE

Empower Yourself Here


Thank you for your eBook.  I have to confess, I was sceptical at first.  Having battled depression for many years, I have often been made to feel as if I were in some how failing as a Christian for not being relentlessly ‘joyful’.  I have heard sermons and read books which have been both patronising and ignorant of the true nature of depression.

Thank you for producing a fantastic tool, which not only acknowledges the validity of depression, but practically and biblically seeks to address it.  I found it incredibly helpful to be reminded of people such as Elijah and Corrie ten Boom, who God worked through in incredible ways.  I would absolutely recommend your book, and will be reading through it again.

Empower Yourself Here