Hidden Treasures

               Fractured by Tim Bouwer

Hidden treasures


A thing of beauty was once formed,

with love and care and gentle arms.

Coveted by evil spawn, and looked

upon with spite and scorn.


Soon this beauty, cracked and torn,

is shattered into multiple forms.

Pieces flung both near and far,

and hidden, lost in deep despair.

Fire and ice, pain, terror was there,

but thin lines of hope, albeit threadbare.


Small tugs on lines, felt everywhere,

pulled with love and gentle care.

Starts journeys through great thunderstorms,

that rail and scream and try to scare.


Gathering those multiple forms,

all those shattered, broken and torn.

Slowly something begins to form,

a shock to those who spat and scorned.


For out of all that pain was formed,

a beauty trialled, tempered and strong.

A pearl that can withstand any storm,

a hidden treasure, in it’s final form.

Gathered together with love and care,

a face, a smile and gentle arms.


– Vanessa Taylor, 20th March 2011

Image: Tim Bouwer Creative Commons Flickr

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