Lover. I wriggle under the implication of that word.

A Prayer

an old hymn tells me that you are
lover of my soul.
I wriggle under the implication of
that word.
For if you are lover of my soul
you long for a response
to show you
that I have seen you for who you truly are
– gentlest Love
– warming my heart
– stirring my desire
for more of you …
and more of you …
and more of you …
until I am lost in the mystery
of being with you
in you, of you,
Help me to risk drawing closer to you today.

Photo Credit: kt.beyondperception via Compfight cc

from ‘On Holiday with God’ Sue Pickering 2012 Canterbury Press, Norwich

Refresh – Journal of Contemplative SpiritualityVolume 12, Number 1. Summer 2013. I

Sue Pickering wonders often about retreating to a bach at Kinloch and being a granny,
but in the meantime is engaged in a stimulating mix of aged care chaplaincy; writing;
SGM Workgroup; spiritual direction, retreats and supervision; Cathedral governance;
learning the piano and occasional quilting. Helping others recognise the sacred Presence
in the midst of life is a continuing passion.


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