When God has left the building, turning up the volume won’t help: Toxic Faith pt. 5

When God has left the building, turning up the volume won’t help. At the school where I grow vegetables, it can be very noisy. I have a group of children that love to help and to get my attention they will often speak louder, and wave hands like windmills. It can all be a bit overwhelming. …

To Heal You Just Need to ‘Forget What Lies Behind’: Toxic Faith pt. 4

Life has a tragic way of repeating itself. It seems at times that we just go round an endless loop of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Then someone says ‘forget what lies behind’. One of my favourite classic movies is Groundhog day with a very young Bill Murray. Weatherman Phil Connors is …

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Barry Pearman

My deep passion is to empower people with Mental Illnesses to find recovery and hope.

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I actually struggle with Depression myself.

In former years I have had roles as a Mental Health Support Worker and then as a Community Chaplain pastoring people with Major Mental Illnesses.

As a Community Chaplain, I with a great bunch of volunteers, developed a Church service and community for people with diverse Mental Health struggles such as Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, Bi-Polar, Addictions, Personality Disorders. Continue reading “About Barry Pearman”

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