Does God use a Mental Illness to Slow Us Down?

Does God use a Mental Illness to Slow You Down?

Do you think mental illness is God’s way of forcing us to slow down and change our behaviour or is it the Devil messing with our minds?

I recently received this question from one of the readers via the anonymous question survey.

It’s an interesting question and one that I think has many questions under the question. It also demonstrates a type of belief about God and Gods relationship with us.

So here is my answer. Leave a comment below to let me know what you think about this question.  Continue reading “Does God use a Mental Illness to Slow Us Down?”

Do You Have A ‘Mind To Work’?

One of the most wonderful things you will ever witness is when someone does the hard work of change.

It maybe the challenge of overcoming the grip of an addiction. It might be the rebuilding of a life after a serious traumatic experience.

I think of those I know who have very serious mental illnesses, yet push on, do the work, and make progress in their lives that is significant for them. Continue reading “Do You Have A ‘Mind To Work’?”

Becoming Fire-Proof: Protecting Ourselves from Burnout

After years of teaching high school in downtown Los Angeles, my wife accepted a job four hours away.

On top of my daily stressors of dealing with students and colleagues and deadlines at the school, I now moved to a tiny studio apartment, commuted to see my wife on weekends, and applied for hundreds of jobs, all while we were desperately trying to get pregnant after years of no success.

On top of that, I was stuck in a negative emotional response to my situation. Continue reading “Becoming Fire-Proof: Protecting Ourselves from Burnout”