It’s OK to Confront Someone About Their Mental Health


It’s always hard to confront someone with your concerns about their mental health. Failing to do so maybe an act of collusion. Speaking the truth in love is what we need to do.

Sometimes you’ve got to have the hard word. To say things that you wish you didn’t need to.

Who likes confrontation?

But at times you just have to confront the problem. If you care, then you will say something even if it isn’t accepted that well by the other.  Continue reading “It’s OK to Confront Someone About Their Mental Health”

How ‘Going the extra Mile’ Flips the Power Dynamics

How 'Going the extra Mile' Flips the Power Dynamics

To ‘Walk the extra mile’ is not about being generous, or servanthood. It’s about flipping the power dynamics and creating a sense of fear and uncertainty.

Have you ever heard someone say ‘They walked the extra mile’?

We link this little phrase with the idea that this person did more than expected. They didn’t just do what was required,  but they went on to do more and more.

So often though we can take this idea of ‘walking another mile’ as a justification for putting up with abuse and bullying. That we are to be patient and just put up with abuse. Didn’t Jesus say ‘ if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile.’? Continue reading “How ‘Going the extra Mile’ Flips the Power Dynamics”

What Harvey Weinstein got for Christmas

What Harvey Weinstein got for Christmas

Harvey didn’t quite know what to make of the whole noise and hubbub happening outside his hermit cave. He had run from all the scandal, and now he was out in the desert looking after a bunch of smelly sheep. Others too were joining him. All clothed in rags and looking for a hiding place. There was Kevin in the corner and of Bill had been here a while.

Now all they could do was wander the countryside, sheep following behind and wearing the smelly clothes of shame. Continue reading “What Harvey Weinstein got for Christmas”

It’s Love That Wins The Blind Prodigal Back

It's Love That Wins The Blind Prodigal Back

They were so caught up in themselves and their selfish desires that they got lost to the concerns of others. Without recognising the wealth of love around them, they were the prodigal, a child of abundance squandering it away.  What drew them back was a memory of love, faint and small, when the soul hit rock bottom.

We all at times suffer levels of naivety and ignorance. We don’t know what we don’t know. In our prodigal pride, we wander away until we remember that allure of love and we wake up.

We can be so blind that we miss the obvious. Everyone around can see what is happening, but we blindly go on. Warnings given and dismissed.

‘I don’t have a problem; it’s you that has the problem’ Continue reading “It’s Love That Wins The Blind Prodigal Back”

Is it possible to Recover and get back to Normal from a Mental Illness?

Is it possible to Recover and get back to Normal from a Mental Illness?

Life would never be the same again, but whose life is after struggling with an illness. Perhaps we have to redefine recovery and discover that there is no one ‘You-er than you’.

Nathan had plans of becoming a doctor. But his parents separated when he was aged 15 and his world was suddenly thrown into chaos. The stress fractured the thin layer of wellness and he began to hear voices and became paranoid. He began the journey of recovery, but what is recovery? Continue reading “Is it possible to Recover and get back to Normal from a Mental Illness?”

Smelling the Roses Grows a Healthy Brain

Smell the Roses and Grow a Healthy Brain ~ Turning the Page Empowering your Mental Health

Just outside my window, I can see a beautiful yellow rose. 

It wasn’t there last week, well actually it was but it was just tightly bound up under its green calyx.

A lot can happen in a week, in a day, in a moment.

I can see the beauty but to deeply experience it I must stoop, smell and breath in its beauty.  Slowly, gently, letting my brain cells savour the moment.

Do you take time to smell the roses?

You don’t need roses

Continue reading “Smelling the Roses Grows a Healthy Brain”

7 Steps to Regroove Your Thinking Patterns

7 Steps to Regroove Your Thinking Patterns

Around the hillside of the sheep farm where I was raised were grooves worn into the soil by hundreds of sheep following each other. It was the easiest route.

I also have routes in my thinking patterns that have become ruts. Familiar paths that have been worn deep into my thinking.

A thought gets triggered then another one and another one. Then within a few milliseconds, you are down in that old familiar cesspool of negativity. Continue reading “7 Steps to Regroove Your Thinking Patterns”

Becoming the You God Sees: Guest Post by Kristen Kansiewicz

Becoming the You God Sees: Guest Post by Kristen Kansiewicz

She walked into my office in a long, flowing skirt. She always had loved long, flowing skirts. But she blamed them and herself for both of her rapes. “Maybe if I hadn’t worn a skirt,” she thought.

And she hated herself.

The man read from his journal. Almost 20 pages detailing every abuse he had ever experienced. His anger had turned from others onto himself. He thought of himself as nothing. Worthless.

And he hated himself.

I could write pages and pages of stories just like these. People I have known and sat with for hours, listening to their pain. Some call it low self-esteem, some prefer other words.

The semantics of self-hatred doesn’t really matter.

In the end, it comes down to a pain that seems impossible to bear and even more impossible to be rid of.

Living in this broken world breaks us. Continue reading “Becoming the You God Sees: Guest Post by Kristen Kansiewicz”

Mental Health Grows When we Have a Routine


It was my routine that I had built up over the years that got me through the dark morning. Do you have a routine?

Ever had one of those mornings where you just don’t want to face the day. You’re sort of glued to the bed. It’s a safe, warm and secure place, and you just want to go back to sleep if possible because well it’s better than listening to the depressing or anxious thoughts trawling through your mind. The black dog of depression is cuddled up beside you and you don’t want to face the day. It’s a routine that can so easily become a rut. Continue reading “Mental Health Grows When we Have a Routine”

When to Rescue and What Needs to Come Next


There is a time for everything, including rescuing, but let’s focus on the rebuilding through empowerment.

It was one of those lightbulb moments for me.

I had just discovered something new that threw some new light on an old struggle.

Ever had one of those?

What I learned is that Jesus did for us what we cannot do for ourselves and that Jesus does not do for us what we can and should do for ourselves.

I outline these and 8 other principles of how Jesus demonstrates empowerment in my eBook So you want to help.

The first two principles. Continue reading “When to Rescue and What Needs to Come Next”