Black Moods of Depression Lose Their Power When YOU Turn The Light On

Black Moods of Depression Lose Their Power When YOU Turn The Light On

It was only a small little torch but when I flicked the switch and pointed the beam of light at the ceiling the whole room filled with light. It doesn’t take much light to chase the darkness away. Moods can change when we flick the switch.

 The brain takes the shape of whatever the mind rests upon. Dr. Rick Hanson 

When depressed, a dark mood can become like a swamp holding you in its grip.  You want to break free of the suction but you are held firm.

You need to get up. You’ve got things to do, commitments, relationships that rely on you but the gloom of a dark shadow grips you.

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Smelling the Roses Grows a Healthy Brain

Smell the Roses and Grow a Healthy Brain ~ Turning the Page Empowering your Mental Health

Just outside my window, I can see a beautiful yellow rose. 

It wasn’t there last week, well actually it was but it was just tightly bound up under its green calyx.

A lot can happen in a week, in a day, in a moment.

I can see the beauty but to deeply experience it I must stoop, smell and breath in its beauty.  Slowly, gently, letting my brain cells savour the moment.

Do you take time to smell the roses?

You don’t need roses

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18 Insights to Heal the Shame of an Attempted Suicide


The shame of an attempt at suicide can cling onto you like the odour of some dirty old socks.

You would do anything to get rid of that stench. Is that a good description of shame? That feeling of embarrassment at what you have done. You want to hide, run, cover it up, but it’s still there. Those smelly old socks still stink.

Recently I was asked a question by one of the readers of Turning the Page about how to help someone who had recently attempted suicide. In the midst of their crisis, they had posted their intentions out on Social Media. Now they had a deep sense of shame and embarrassment. They feared that people would treat them differently.

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To Heal You Just Need to ‘Forget What Lies Behind’: Toxic Faith pt. 4

To Heal You Just Need to 'Forget What Lies Behind'

Life has a tragic way of repeating itself. It seems at times that we just go round an endless loop of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Then someone says ‘forget what lies behind’.

One of my favourite classic movies is Groundhog day with a very young Bill Murray.

Weatherman Phil Connors is sent to cover the first day of spring in a small town called  Punxsutawney.  At night he goes to bed and then wakes to the alarm going off at 6 am.

It’s not 6 am the next day, but weirdly 6 am of the same day. He gets the opportunity to live the same day over and over and over again until he gets it right.  Continue reading “To Heal You Just Need to ‘Forget What Lies Behind’: Toxic Faith pt. 4”

Just Don’t Touch That Button – Your Unbearable Feeling

You have an Unbearable Feeling, let’s gets some help and find out what it is.

I was in one of those novelty gift stores the other day and there it was. A button that needed to be pushed. It was a big red rubber button that when pushed it said “NO” in the voice of Homer Simpson. I had to push it. Just had too.

We all have buttons that when they are pushed they get a reaction. Continue reading “Just Don’t Touch That Button – Your Unbearable Feeling”

When to Rescue and What Needs to Come Next


There is a time for everything, including rescuing, but let’s focus on the rebuilding through empowerment.

It was one of those lightbulb moments for me.

I had just discovered something new that threw some new light on an old struggle.

Ever had one of those?

What I learned is that Jesus did for us what we cannot do for ourselves and that Jesus does not do for us what we can and should do for ourselves.

I outline these and 8 other principles of how Jesus demonstrates empowerment in my eBook So you want to help.

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