You became as we are

You Are by Pip Nicholls

You Are by Pip Nicholls

In the interests
of calling us home
You became as we are.

You willingly
experienced all that
it is to be prodigal,

to be in this homeless
land of superficial selfhood.
You too, had to know

the loneliness of separation,
like us, you had to
be blinded by transient influences.

And You awoke to there
being no self to cling to,
You fully experienced I Am.

You saw through the
illusion of self
as a human perception

so Your life became our
alarm bell that we too
would wake to the same.

You Are the prodigal son, the father,
the unsung mother, the brother,
the fatted calf, the storyteller, the story…

Awaken within us
draw us home to You –
welcome us as We Are.

Pip Nicholls loves to read slowly, in fact prefers to do everything with a little ‘slow’ attached, so she enjoys poetry and cartoons for getting to the unsayable briefly and succinctly. More about Pip can be found at her website The Gentle Art of Knowing

Source: Refresh Journal of Contemplative Spirituality Volume 13, Number 2. Winter 2014.