Questions and Answers about Mindfulness

Recently I have been reading and practising Mindfulness. I have found it very helpful, so I thought it would be good to get some advice and guidance around Mindfulness. I tracked down Richard Johnston who has a website dedicated to Christian Mindfulness.

So I sent him some questions.

1. What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is our universal human capacity for attention and awareness. All people have the capacity to pay attention and to develop greater awareness regardless of faith. Continue reading “Questions and Answers about Mindfulness”

Can You Can Your Questions?

It all happened like a kind of slow motion movie.

I was driving home the other day and as I approaching a corner, one that I have driven around probably thousands of times, I saw a white car take it way too fast. It lost control, came across the middle line and ploughed into a large 4wd. The white car literally bounced off the 4wd and spun around back on to its correct side of the road and then into a ditch. Continue reading “Can You Can Your Questions?”

Do you Have People who Invite you to Rest?

It’s his favourite resting place.

I have a large comfortable chair in my office. With solid armrests and comfortable cushions sometimes it’s a tussle between myself and our two dogs who gets to sit on it.

Our nervous pound pooch Tyler particularly likes it. He climbs his large body into it, does a little dance circle of three spins then plops himself down. Tucking his whole body, legs, tail, nose into a ball, he makes himself a nest where he can rest and feel secureContinue reading “Do you Have People who Invite you to Rest?”

It’s Time For You to ‘Give it a Rest’

I had never quite sensed that feeling of release before.

That feeling of letting it all go and handing it on to someone else. I had been in ministry for 13 years serving as a Pastor/ Chaplain to people who struggled with ‘Normal Church’, mostly due to Mental Illness. It had been a time of growth and challenge where I along with a team of volunteers developed a mid week church service, ran camps and all the other stuff pastors do.

It was a load though, it was a responsibility, and now Continue reading “It’s Time For You to ‘Give it a Rest’”

5 Keys To Maintaining Your Creative Rhythm

Guest Post from Marc Shaw

After several years as an English teacher at an inner city school my creative life had become dry as dust.

I had published poems and recorded albums, but all I seemed to have time and energy enough to do now was plan, teach, grade, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. I was caught in an unhealthy rhythm without integrating any life giving creative activities.

For many of us, the demands of life can seem to take over and drown out our creative pursuits. The substance of what makes life worthwhile becomes out of reach. Continue reading “5 Keys To Maintaining Your Creative Rhythm”

How Do We Learn a Lifestyle of Rhythm?

As I write this I have the sound of birds singing, a gentle water fall and a trickling stream. There is a rhythm to this.

Every 15 seconds it stops and repeats, stops and repeats, stops and repeats. I am not sitting in the middle of some leafy grove, but I am actually at my desk and I have an app on my phone that is generating these sounds.

I am in charge, and I can control what sound I listen to, the volume, and how long this will be repeated for.

Control is good, but too much can lead to tedium.

Continue reading “How Do We Learn a Lifestyle of Rhythm?”