There are No ‘Ordinary People’. Creativity Must Have Its Outlet.

There are No 'Ordinary People'. Creativity Must Have Its Outlet.

Under the thin veneer of supposed ‘ordinary’ is a power of creativity and life. There are no ordinary people.

If you saw her in the mall you wouldn’t take a second look. This was probably intentional on her part.

Average height, weight, with modest clothes she would slip into the supermarket like a ghost, grab a few items then quietly take a bus home to her small two bedroom unit.

After packing away the milk and bread this ‘ordinary’ woman would rest herself into an old worn chair and embrace her world of creativity. She would begin to knit. Booties, cardigans, scarves, beanies. All beautifully handcrafted with stitches of love. Continue reading “There are No ‘Ordinary People’. Creativity Must Have Its Outlet.”

5 Keys To Maintaining Your Creative Rhythm

Guest Post from Marc Shaw

After several years as an English teacher at an inner city school my creative life had become dry as dust.

I had published poems and recorded albums, but all I seemed to have time and energy enough to do now was plan, teach, grade, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. I was caught in an unhealthy rhythm without integrating any life giving creative activities.

For many of us, the demands of life can seem to take over and drown out our creative pursuits. The substance of what makes life worthwhile becomes out of reach. Continue reading “5 Keys To Maintaining Your Creative Rhythm”