Who are you? When you take time to listen

Who are you?
When you take time to listen
When you take off the masks
To become vulnerable too
You have the ears of Jesus
When you see a hurting soul
When you can find beauty in ugliness
believing in goodness despite suffering
You see with the eyes of Jesus
When you give words of hope and life
When you set down wise boundaries
and risk upsetting the status quo
You speak the words of Jesus
When you act out of deep compassion
to love another without judgement
When you respond to injustice
You have the heart of Jesus
When you reach out to embrace the world
When you walk in the light of the truth
Reflecting it back to others
You are Jesus in the flesh.

Val Roberts
Source: Spiritual Growth Ministries – Refresh Winter 2007 
Photo Credit: Jeff Kubina via Compfight cc

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