Wounded Miracles

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Wounded Miracles 

The blind now see;
The deaf hear;
The lame walk;
The addicts are free.
Miracles are 

Sometimes the lame walk, 
Unsteady on their feet;
The blind see dim reflections’
The deaf hear only
Some of the words, and
The addicts still bear

Even so, 
The powers of darkness are 
Retreating, as the
Kingdom presses 
In and on – 
One life at a time.

For healing is
God’s Plan;
Why Jesus came’
Holy Spirit’s work;
More than bodies mended. It is hope restored,
Joy, meaning and purpose
Given back to life, to
The Living;
Lives made whole made
Holy – 
Heaven come down to Earth

by M. Jane Hansen
Spiritual Growth Ministries –  Volume 11, Number  2. Winter 2012.

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  1. Hi and thanks for the comment. Excellent to get feedback and I have been considering stopping the ‘Tweet it’ link. I don’t think it has added that much value to my blog or connecting with others.

    I am glad you are enjoying reading the blog. Come on back and comment again. Thanks once again.

  2. Hello Barry.

    As a reader I have enjoyed reading your blog posts but really hate being told to Tweet comments. It detracts from your writing style and really jars.. Check over the successful blogs and they don’t tend to do this.

    If we want to tweet comments we will but its annoying being asked to.

    Just because a feature is there does not mean it is a wise feature to use.

    Otherwise keep writing.

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