You Bore Me Up

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You Bore Me Up

You bore me up from the maudlin gloom
From the swirling murky mists;
The Stygian depths of mortal vanity
And nursed my melancholy wounds
With gentle succour and tender ministrations

You raised my frail feeble frame
And laid it upon a bed of white lilies
Stripped away the death pall
That clung to my ashen flesh
And washed away the brooding stench of death
With tender tears of mercy and compassion

And there in the waxing glow of dawn’s first light
In the golden alchemy of a virgin May morn
You softly brushed
Your ruby red lips to mine

And I imbibed your sweet fragrance
Through every pore
Satiated my parched, barren soul
With long, desperate draughts
From the chalice of Your passion

My heart opening, expanding
Like honeysuckle awakening
To the warmth of spring;
Blooming in blissful communion
As the sweet Nectar of Life
Pulsing through my veins

Your Life Blood

Transformed the coal blackness
Of my tainted, wounded soul into pure, refined gold

Pure light!

And then You bore me up
From the melancholy maudlin gloom
The swirling, murky mists
The Stygian depths of mortal vanity
To the rapturous heights
And inexplicable peace

Of everlasting life

Mac Mackenzie

Mac Mackenzie is a folk singer, musician, poet, essayist, penny philosopher, slow life advocate & emerging minimalist. He speak’s English & Gaelic. He likes to dream and tell big fish stories. He like’s God & God likes him. You can read more of Mac’s work at his Blog Diary of an Arts Farmer and follow him onTwitter and Google+.

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